A woman married a man with 2dick.

A Nigeria woman who just got married is crying out yo the world to help her out.

An email was sent to Gbeducity from a woman who just got married, She said she has been dating her husband for the past 2years and they have never had sex because they promise each other to hold them self till they get married.. In which for that reason they have always try not to spend much night together in a room.

They got married last month which was February 2018 & that day was the most happiest day of her life.

At that same day at night they got home they were so so tied that they never thought of sex not until the 3day when they travelled to Dubai for honeymoon.
It was 1am when her husband turned and started kissing her which leads to her having the sex mood then it went on & on not until her husband pull of his trusses and saw what she has never seen before in her life which is her husband having 2dick she screamed and beg him to please stop that she can’t have sex again… Until now she just don’t know what to do, Please she need your advice and suggestion what she needs to do.

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