Health tips: Start Strong, Stay Safe in 2020

 What are your safety resolutions for 2020?

By Samson Ajobiewe
After the traditional over-indulgence of the yuletide season, it’s no wonder that safety for the year 2020 ranks high on the list of a generic new year resolution.
Pledging  to look after one’s health, one’s safety and one’s environment  come 2020 is often used as a justification for having a safety plan, policies, risk assessments, training, supervision, personal commitment, need analysis and assessments, a stand-alone contingency plan, etc
Since you have done your traditional new year resolutions, why not resolve to make some changes in your driving habits, in your office, your hotel,  construction site, manufacturing companies, etc that are easy to accomplish: These resolutions will make you and your families stay safe for 2020 and beyond.
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“Resolutions often only pertain to the person making them. “But driving resolutions are significant because they have the potential to affect family, friends, environment, reputations  and the economy at large
So, in that spirit, an easy-to-digest resolution will be helpful, these are in tips and not limited to the following…
Take better care of yourself in 2020
Make sure your resolutions are things you really want – like keeping yourself, your health, environment and your job
Report Unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, unsafe faces, and unsafe environment to relevant authorities
Don’t forget that your safety is your personal responsibility.
Always follow the correct procedures.
Never take shortcuts.
Never drink and drive, make yourself visible, for children &pedestrians, know your surface, etc
Take responsibility and clean up if you made a mess.
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Clean and organize your workspace(Good housekeeping)
Ensure a clear and easy route to emergency exits and equipment.
Be alert and awake on the job, on the road, and at home
Be attentive at all times to your work surroundings.
When in doubt ask questions Never take risks when it comes to safety.
Obey safety signs, stickers, and tags.
No horseplay in workshops and workspaces
Ensure good housekeeping both at home and at workplaces
Take short breaks when you keep up a repetitive motion for a long period of time and sit, stand, or walk with good posture.
Stress is real, rest when you should and make use of your annual leave when you need to.
Report serious injuries immediately and get emergency assistance.
Keep things in perspective. Hazards may be limitless, so focus on the most likely risks first.
Do not betray yourself, if you are not competent for the job, do not undertake.
To make keeping your resolutions a little easier, this will generally help a long way
Make sure your resolutions are things you really want – like keeping yourself, your family, friends, workers, guests, or other passengers safer while driving
Make your goals as specific as possible – for instance, rather than simply maintaining your car better, schedule tire checks, oil-level checks, tuneups, windshield wipers, and fluid checks, etc.
Change your habits, if necessary, such as using your turn signal when entering traffic or changing lanes or buckling up your seatbelt every time you get in the car.
Visualize your goals regularly by keeping them in a prominent place – a desk, table, mirror or refrigerator – something we’ve made easier for you by compiling the graphic above.
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Share your resolutions with friends and family who will hold you accountable, share your progress on accomplishing your goals, and reward yourself when you do.
Don’t give up if you slip. Any goal worth achieving is liable to come with setbacks. Rely on your friends and family to keep you focused throughout the year
With the start of a new year, virtually everyone is making  new resolution, let’s encourage ourselves to put safety at the top of our list by ensuring a zero harm in  2020
Ending the year the way we all started is far better than ending it with “despites” and we became an afterthought, lesson or illustrations to others. Make safety your first thought with these safety tips so we can have a December 2020 celebration of a safe and healthy year.
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