Chevron: Host communities sue for proper representation of members

…Urge Nigerians to ignore PENGASSAN’s call for Jeffery Ewing removal
Youths of the host communities of Chevron Nigeria, Thursday appealed to the Federal government to investigate the poor representation and marginalization of its members at ChevronNig. Ltd in other to correct any abnormality found therein.
They equally urged Nigerians to ignore calls from the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), to remove the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Chevron Mr Jeff Ewing.
Recall that PENGASSAN had yesterday assembled its members to protest in all Chevron facilities across the country.
They said that the protest was to express their lack of no confidence with the leadership of the CMD.
But in a riposte signed by Christopher Etuemi Wuruyai of Gbaramatu Youth Council (GYC),  Comr. William Emuakpo of Youths of Chevron Host Communities of Nigeria and Hon. Izon-ebi Wuruyai, of Youths of Chevron Host Communities of Nigeria, the youths penned down their dissatisfaction with Cheveron’s current modus-operandi and called on Federal government to intervene.
Read the statement in full: “We write to make the relevant authority and the general public know that PENGASSAN Chevron branch  call for  Mr.  Jeffrey Ewing removal as   the Chairman   and Managing Director (CMD) Chevron Nig. Ltd for alleged impending sack of 32 workers, racism and discrimination of Nigeria workers are mere blackmail and propaganda to achieve their ulterior motive and is not in the interest of we the various Host Communities of ChevronNig.   Ltd.  Therefore   this   well-orchestrated   plan   to  remove   Mr.   Jeffrey   Ewing   on   the ground that he is a white man should be totally ignored by the relevant authorities.
Our decisions to come out in opposition to the stand of PENGASSAN Chevron branch are on the ground that:
Our   non-Niger   Delta Nigerian   brothers   from   other   regions   of   the   country   have consistently denied we the host communities and our indigenes our right of place in Chevron Nig. Ltd through various anti-host Communities policies. For instance, when the whites were in charge of the oil multinational company (Chevron Nig. Ltd), they use to   operate   an  open   door   host   communities   oriented   policy   in   their   various   field   of operation in the swamp, but today they have  systematically driven all the foreigners away   from   the   various   fields   of   operations   and   now   we   the   host   communities   are stocked in a situation that could be best described as the in-house operational policy that allow Chevron to operate on closed doors for which we the host communities no longer know what is  happening inside  the  company that is  operating in  our various communities. And the real reason this anti-people policy have succeeded till now is because these our Nigerian brothers have succeeded in removing Policy Government and Public Affairs (PGPA) department from their fields of operations in the swamp so we   the   host   communities   no   longer   have   access   to   the   company   premises   in   our localities to create a good working relationship with company. This we are still battling reinstate for the benefit of all.
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“Our Host Communities indigenes that are working in Chevron Nig. Ltd. Who have rising to senior staff level and are overdue to be promoted to the level of management staffs are glass ceilinged and denied those top management staff positions by these our Nigerian country men who are already in those management staffs positions. Rather they (our Nigerian country men) have in various occasions promoted their kinsman to who in some cases were even junior to our Niger Delta brothers in the company to overtake   them   and   occupy   those   management   positions   to   replace   their   regional brothers when they eventually retire. This discriminatory  system orchestrated by our own country men, we believe only foreigners like Jeffrey Ewing continues stay as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Chevron Nig. Ltd can balance for the host communities.
“Some of our Niger Delta Indigenes who had since successfully completed the Ogere training program who were supposed to be absorbed into Chevron employment system have been unilaterally denied their employment opportunities and most of them had since   been   shortchanged   with   other   Nigerians   because   our   people   are   not   in   the decision making position in Chevron Nig. Ltd.
“On contracts, this same our Nigerian country men have created a system called NIPEX   as   a   body   to   pre-qualify   and   determine   what   level   of   contract   indigenous companies should be awarded. This system have totally boxed out our local community contractors from accessing juicy contracts and have reduced them to miniature jobs and have permanently glass ceilinged them to those peanut jobs they call contracts, while their cohorts in the system smile home with all major contracts. The Chevron system that has reduced and is consistently reducing its host communities to a level of second to nothing interns of Contracts, employment and communities development can only be themed a sit on gun powder that will definitely explode in no distance time. This we say government and the relevant authorities should take serious note.
“The various regional development councils formed by Chevron Nig. Ltd to interface with the host communities under the Global Memorandum of Understanding (G-MoU) as   it   regards   executing   the   very   minimal   developmental   projects   as   a   way   of   it’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the host communities are poorly funded and are gradually becoming a toothless dog who only take directive from these same Nigerian people who occupy management positions in Chevron to the detriment of we the host communities, our indigenes and Niger Delta at large.
“Today most Oil Mining Lease (OML) which were previously operated by Shell petroleum Nig. Ltd. on its swamp operation in Delta State have been leased to Nigerian indigenous companies and we know the story that follows, of course lack of capacity to operate on international best practices as it regard effective implementation of their corporate social responsibility (CSPs) and the strict adherence to the Nigeria Content Development Act. This was done by these very likes of PENGASSAN Chevron branch with their ulterior motive of let’s push the whites out and take ownership motivated incessant call for the removal of foreign nationals from their position of management. And at the end we the host   communities   are   the   once   to   bear   the   brunt   of   their   inability   to   operate   on international best practices. These are some of the main causes of Youths restiveness in Niger Delta.
“It   is   against   this   backdrop  we   call   the   relevant  authorities   to  as   a   matter  of urgent  public importance   and   national   interest   as   it   regards   the   continue   smooth   operations   of Chevron Nig. Ltd in the Niger Delta swamp ignore PENGASSAN Chevron Branch call for the removal of Mr. Jeffrey Ewing as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Chevron   Nig.   Ltd.   And   strongly   advise   them   to   negotiate   their   issues   under   his leadership.
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“We   therefore   state   categorically   here   that   any   attempt   by   PENGASSAN   Chevron branch to continue their call for Jeffrey Ewing removal will meet a stiff resistance from the host communities’ youth as we will not hesitate to mobilize and short down Chevron operations in the Delta Swamp to drive home our point.”
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